It's a Baby, Not A Burrito
Taggies, Sleepers, and Tummy Time

Iris has a few taggies, blankets and balls, and today for the first time she actually looked at the pretty tags and touched them. Wow. I was amazed. I hope that this means that soon she will be able to entertain herself for a few minutes at a time here and there. 

So, a few days ago she was 3 months old. My baby girl is getting big. She has continually grown out of her sleepers, I think that she is long. Ahhh, hopefully she will be taller then me, 5’ 4”. I just ordered her a few cute sleepers (3-6 month) from Old Navy, and they fit. Perfectly. Agh. That is ok. 

Tummy time is going better. I purchased some awesome Fisher Price musical toys at our local thrift store (sorry FP) and she loves to look at the piano play songs and light up. It was designed to be in their crib and for the baby to kick the keyboard, but it works well as a tummy time toy. I think that my love of music has definitely rubbed off on her… and that is a good thing.

Mommie Time

… I mean Elizabeth time. 

After baby girl went down for the night, I decided that I desperately needed some time to myself. So, I indulged and had a long soak in the tub. O how divine! It was my second since giving birth. (Tomorrow Iris will be 3 months) And after this weeks numerous and extremely frustrating challenges, what’s some time in the tub? I can honestly say it was worth every minute. 

I also managed to get a few chores done. Not done the way I’d like, but… that is my old self taking. Clean laundry, dumped on the floor. Dirty laundry in the washer and timer set. (Baby clothes drying in the dryer already) It’s not about perfection, it’s not about a lot of stuff that used to matter. It’s about Iris. (don’t get me wrong, I am planning on some personal time in the near future on a regular basis… I feel we are both ready for it. More later) And God, she is perfect! And the perfect baby for me! 

So, Goodnight darling baby. Goodnight fur-faces, and goodnight moon. Tomorrow is a new day, Friday, and I’m ready. 

Our first Christmas was quiet, and small. Just the three of us. And thankfully we were invited to a friends house for dinner, so I only had to make 2 things. Woo Hoo! Iris received the most thoughtful gifts from family…. we were a little behind the ball. I mean, what do you buy a 2 month old? And then by the time I thought of anything good, I knew it wouldn’t make it in the mail. Huuuhhh. Next year will be awesome though! I know it! 

So, I have resolved to try to plan ahead better for this coming year. Her Valentine outfits are on the way and I ordered her a play mat from Yeah. 

But these Santa pictures are my big contribution to the memory of her 1st Christmas. It took a lot to get her dressed up and to Santa on time. O, and trying to get myself ready too. Merry Christmas Darling. It’s come and gone…. but that is ok.

PS. As you can tell I haven’t quite figured out how to get blogging into my daily schedule… hum. But I love all my time with you!

10 Please!

Seriously. I never thought that I would be praying to God, watching what I eat, and praying that I would fit into a size 10. I know, boo hoo… you’re not really that big. But post pregnancy body is not always forgiving. I really wanted to be one of those ladies that had it all together and worked out, ate right, and bam, looked beautiful right away. Well, I was dreaming. Yes some women have that luxury of fitting right back into the normal clothes (I recently met a mother of a 3 week old that fit back into her size 1 jeans), but that has not been me. 

However I try and keep things in perspective. Really hard to do, especially living in an instant gratification world. And I have very sweet women in my life saying, “it took 9 months to put it on, and for some it may take 9 months to take it off, and there is nothing wrong with that”. But I of course want to be “above average”, whatever that means, or at least get out of my maternity clothes. I try and reassure myself that the weight is just a reminder that my baby is healthy, and strong, and my body did that—because I allowed it to gain weight, to ensure and preserve the life that it was growing. But agh… 

I know that I am getting closer to getting into those size 10 Gap jeans. I know it! (They go up, but don’t zip) For me the 1st 30 llbs flew off in the 1st month. Water weight, extra blood, and goodness knows what else. Plus, I was completely immersed in breast-feeding Iris. I was always sleeping when she was, and just living in her world. So I really didn’t think much about weight or a specific diet, or even exercise (yea, right!) But now she is just over 2 months old…. and the desire is there. I have been successful with a slow and steady weight loss in the past month. 2-3 pounds a week. And I really do consider that a success. I just miss my real clothes, and the variety that they provided. I do feel a little frumpy in my sweats and workout pants, and my favorite pair of maternity jeans (well, they are getting loose). I think I am going to cave and order 2 AE sweats and hoodies and t’s. Something with color. I’m really a cheery person and all this black and grey is not for me. 

So, I’ve been walking a few times, and have done a yoga video (well the 1st 30 mins of it) that my friend gave me. And some days just lugging her around and doing errands wears me out! As far as my diet goes very high in fiber (I had terrible constipation issues… not cool!): cereal in the morning (fruit too if I want), a healthy lunch, snack, and dinner. Right now I am really into oranges, so if I’m still hungry I’ll have another orange and a handful of walnuts. Nothing exciting, but I’m sticking with this until I plateau, then I will have to reassess. 

Was it worth it? You bet! Would I do it again. Definitely, in a heartbeat! Iris is perfect, and her smile lights up my life. 

Swaddle love. 

We decided to stick with swaddling Iris after we left the hospital, and so far it has been wonderful. I have peace of mind knowing that my baby is safe and warm, and she sleep well for being 2 months. Around 6 weeks old she started to current sleep pattern that she is on. She is fed and in her crib between 8-9 p.m. normally. Then she usually wakes up to feed around 3-3:30. Then, we are both in our respective beds by 4:30, and more sleep until about 7 or 8. A pretty good schedule I think. Of course some nights I’m up more, and sometimes she sleeps over a little… but I have gone and woken her up because my breast was getting uncomfortable. 

I would like to order the Aden and Anais swaddling blankets, but for now I am wrapping her up in the fleece blankets that I have. And they are working well, and the fleece keeps her warm over these cool winter nights. I do crank the heat up, but I still feel like our house is a bit drafty. 

I think that she is going to start sucking her thumb sometime soon, maybe, and I was asking the nurses at New Parent Support (A wonderful program that teaches classes, aids with breast feeding, and provides a place to mothers to congregate during the week-to breast feed in between errands, bring babies and toddlers to play, or a place to hang out and have adult conversation) if I should modify her swaddle so she can suck her thumb. They just looked at me like I was nuts. Don’t fix it if it’s not broke. Age old advice that is so easy to forget. They recommend swaddling to about 6 months, so I’m planning on keeping it up.

My Grandmother commented on my photos how she is always wrapped up. Of course, she put all of her kids (including my dad) to sleep on their tummies… a huge no no now! But I love my little bean burrito! And when she gets all wrapped up she knows that it is time to sleep. Several weeks after she was born I relaxed on swaddling her during the day, and I have mixed feelings about that (I don’t remember how it really all happened), but she still sleeps well during the day and I check on her when she is in her co-sleeper to make sure that she is ok. 

By now I have it mastered, and I love the act of doing it. Even in the dark. One corner folded over. Place baby’s shoulders there. Pull her arm down, then pull down and over, tuck in shorter side of blanket. Bring right arm down and pull down and over the longer side of the blanket around her, and adjust so it is tight. It still feels like I’m wrapping a little present for myself to open later. Gosh, I love you baby girl! 

I figured the best way to catch up was using pictures. 

The 1st one was when she was 12 days old. I took it with my iPhone after breast feeding her in my rocking chair. She just looked like a little angel. 

The next two pictures are from the next day, 13 days old. We were on our way to her 2 week appointment. I love her little outfit: Overalls with the hand knit sweater that my cousin made. And the hat was knit from a generous friend with a knitting addiction. She had several appointments early on because she lost 12% body weight before my milk came in. But I absolutely love her pediatrician! He was the attending when she was born, and we were fortunate to have him as our doctor! He was thorough, caring, and offered a wealth of information without me asking. Which was great because I was so tired I barely knew my own name. For me, it took 5 days for my milk to come in. A little longer then average, but still not uncommon. But once my milk came in my little milk monster began to gain weight beautifully. For the first four days after my milk came in I nursed every 2 hours around the clock. So, noon, 2, 4, 6, 8… you get the picture. And you must remember that as a newborn it took her about 40 minutes to nurse, then i would put her down, use the bathroom, shove some food down, and sleep for an hour. I wont lie, that was rough! But once it was clear that she was going to gain weight, I was able to go to three hour feedings, then eventually let her ‘drive’ her feeding schedule. Now, it is pretty apparent when she is hungry (she starts sucking) or if it is almost time (my boobs feel full). During the day she does a few hours in between feedings. The night time schedule depends. She was doing a 6 hour followed by a 4 hour, but the past few nights have been three 4 hour feedings. Whatever. I’m getting enough sleep to function… so that is all that matters. 

The last one is her in her rocker at 2 weeks. A friend gave me the idea, so I’m trying to stick with it. The teddy is there as a comparative object. She is definitely getting bigger. She wore NB clothes for a few weeks, and now she wraps around me. Amazing!


So, you know you are a new mom when it is 9:30, and you are just praying that baby will go to sleep so you can “love” on your pillow. C’mon baby…. Daddy to the rescue. I’m running to bed!

She’s HERE! Iris MacKenna was born on October 14th at 11:48 pm. She was 7 llbs. 5 oz and 21.5 inches long. 

I am SO much in love. And have been very busy taking care of her and soaking in every moment! I hope to eventually catch back up here. 

40 Weeks 4 days

… and all is well. Well, as well as can be expected. I had my Dr’s appointment today and all is well and going as nature intended. I think that very soon our little girl is going to come! It really is surreal to think that soon we will be parents and I will be able to bend over again. We got to see out little sprout on a small monitor, and gosh, she looks so cute. Of course she was flashing us, and we got a good look at her arms and legs. But she wouldn’t show us her face. Goofy girl. Her “favorite side” of my belly is her  back/butt/side nestled into my back, and probably her knees pushing out when she makes my stomach all lop-sided. 

For the most part I feel pretty good. A little tired here and there, but that is always followed by a spurt of awake-ness and her going crazy in there! So, I am just trying to listen to my body and rest as I feel need it, and be awake when it happens. This “schedule” is really weird, but I think that is going to be my new life, so I have no problems with a few more nights of “practice”. (being up weird hours, short naps during the day)

So, tonight we rented some movies, and are planning on a quiet, but up-beat evening  (rented some comedies). Maybe I will laugh this baby out. 

Baby, You Are Still in My Belly

Well, here we are the 12th of October. Ugh. She was “due” the 9th, so needless to say we are all very restless and ready to get the show on the road and see this little one inside of me! 

I have been walking as much as tolerable. At least 2 walks a day. And the other day we kinda lost our minds and decided that walking 9 holes would be great for all three of us. Daddy played a decent game, but by the end it was unbearable. (This course is built into a mountain, beautiful scenery if you like 2 hours of hiking with a bowling ball in your belly) Overall, I lived, and we had a great appetizer/light dinner at the club. And I discovered a lemon soda that is amazing. Totally worth it. 

Although, I will say that my lower back sure is feelin’ it. I almost have to lean back even more just to stand upright. Not comfortable. But I know that I am so close. So close. 

So, tonight I am up cleaning. Again. I’ve had several bursts of energy…. all leading up to nothing. But at least once a week I totally panic and make sure that everything is ok to go. Dishes, laundry. Fresh towels. Garbage out. Right now, laundry is washing and I’m on my 2nd movie, Bother Bear. 

My little sprout has been extremely active tonight, and I was almost sure at one point that she was going to “punch” though. No luck. I had a little chat with her, trying to reassure her that we really wanted her to come out and that we loved her very much. She is about to enter the world, and we are so lucky that she is ours. We have waited for years to meet her. I almost feel more excited now that I am getting “really big”. I can hold her elbows and knees, and feel her as she tries to stretch out and get more comfortable. And she is still on her favorite side. Gosh, I love her already! 

Baby girl, please come out for your big reveal! There are so many people that want to meet you!